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Irrigation tips,

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 K RAIN irrigation tips, Irrigation DO's and DON'Ts: 
DO  irrigate during early morning hours when temperatures are cooler and there is less sun to evaporate the water and less wind to interfere with the spray pattern.

DO irrigate for short cycles to prevent water pooling and run-off.

DO keep grass height at 3” or taller to promote root growth and increase drought tolerance.

DO trim bushes to prevent interference with the spray pattern.

DON’T water things that don’t grow!   Reposition or replace spray heads that water driveways, sidewalks, etc.

Landscape planning:

Separate irrigation zones based on landscaping needs (turf areas and plant beds should be in different irrigation zones

Mulch plant beds 2 – 3” deep to help prevn moisture

Do not mix sprays, rotors and rotary nozzles in the same zone due to different  precipitation rates

Use pressure regulating sprays for optimum pressure and to prevent misting at the nozzle

Match precipitation in each zone by changing nozzles (a 360° head should apply 4x as much water as a 90° head)

System Maintenance:

Inspect heads regularly (adjust so they are straight and at the right height)

Replace leaking spray heads or valves

Adjust run times for each zone (shaded zones need shorter run times than turf in full sun)


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