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Professionally Installed Air Compressors and Air Lines

The Plumbing Expert installs Airlines and Air Compressors:
When installing compressed airlines we use Black steel pipe Or galvanized steel pipe. Black steel pipe is generally used for natural gas lines, However, it also works great for compressed airlines.

Properly installed metal piping eliminates moisture and air volume problems.

Steel pipe uses threaded fittings and installation will require cutting and threading joints. Our installations are accomplished by having the threading done in a place where you need them installed. They will require careful measurement on our part. Most often lengths are 21 feet long and are supported by hangers and brackets. some systems use filters, drain ports valves and other fittings, which we customize to your needs. Ideal for mechanic shops and other places that use pneumatic tools.

Applications for Compressed Air

  • Powering tools, such as jackhammers
  • To supply high-pressure clean air to fill gas cylinders
  • To supply moderate-pressure clean air for driving some office and school building pneumatic HVAC control system valves
  • To supply a large amount of moderate-pressure air to power pneumatic tools, such as jackhammers
  • For filling tires
  • To produce large volumes of moderate-pressure air for large-scale industrial processes (such as oxidation for petroleum coking or cement plant bag house purge systems).

The Plumbing Expert Mechanical Services Inc. provides professional threading and installation of steel pipe using only the best equipment such as the RIDGID 300 Power Drive for machine-powered roll jobs but is also designed to manually roll in-place pipe.


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