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Landscape Irrigation Services

The Plumbing Expert understands how important it is to have a correctly designed and installed irrigation system. The use of a proper irrigation system will actually save you water and still keep your landscape and lawn looking fabulous. We are able to set-up and service the most sophisticated landscape irrigation systems.

We offer visa and master card payments to our clients.

  • design and installation of new landscape irrigation systems
  • redesign and retrofitting of existing and aging irrigation systems
  • adding of new zones and heads to your system
  • replacement and installation of new and more advanced controllers
  • setup of computerized weather station based irrigation systems
  • adding of rain and moisture sensors to your existing system
  • spring start-up and fall shutdown of your irrigation system
  • repair of line leaks and broken heads
  • Ensure that someone will be home and available to speak to the plumber.
  • Make sure that the plumber has full and clear access to the irrigation system control panel.
  • Be sure to turn off the water at the first frost in the fall. The water shut-off is usually located in the basement. If in doubt of the water shut-off location, please contact the office.
  • Request flags from the plumber to keep on hand should any problems or concerns arise that need identification.
  • Inform the us of any new planting, new landscaping, or any planned changes to the landscape.


  • Contract clients receive priority service ahead of non-contract customers.
  • Leave your name, email address and contact numbers with a brief description of what the problem is with your irrigation system.
  • If we have left marking flags, please mark the problem area. This allows us to perform a quick service call keeping the cost to you down.
  • We handle all service calls, bookings for service.,¬†
  • Due to the volume of work during our spring start-up and fall closings our service may be delayed up to few days. Your patience during these busy periods is always appreciated.


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